White Tiger Integrated Services: Empowering Holistic Solutions

At White Tiger Integrated Services, we offer a diverse range of integrated solutions to meet various needs.

Our specialized subsidiaries include:

  1. Behavioral Health Counseling:

    • Our experienced therapists provide individual, couples, and family counseling. We address conditions such as anxiety, depression, anger, addiction, abuse, and grief.

  2. Public Speaking Engagements:

    • Our knowledgeable staff is available for public speaking engagements. Whether it’s at schools, corporate settings, or government events, we share insights and expertise on relevant topics.

  3. Mediation Services:

    • Avoid expensive legal fees by choosing our contract or family mediation services. We facilitate constructive communication and resolution.

  4. Assessment and Witness Services:

    • Working closely with Attorneys of Counsel and Guardian ad Litem, we conduct placement assessments and provide observation reports for court status updates.

  5. Expert Witness Consultation:

    • Our agency offers expert witness services for court cases, parenting matters, and placement disputes.

At White Tiger Integrated Services, we believe in strength through collaboration and holistic approaches. Let us be your trusted partner in achieving positive outcomes.

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